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It’s the way we process it that makes our honey simply natural and pure.  Guaranteed to be 100% honey, our products are unpasteurized and contain no additives or preservatives.  We offer raw or natural (straight from the bee to you) creamed, and liquid honey products. 

Oaknook's Completely Raw Honey  Honey over time, will revert to its natural state as a granular solid.  This honey has a granular texture and is spreadable.  Our natural raw honey has not been subjected to the heat of processing and contains all of the pollen rich nutrients from the original floral source.  A wonderfully sweet, nutritious delight!

Oaknook's Natural Pure Creamed Honey  Creamed honey has been initially heated to melt, followed by a straining process to remove large honey granules or crystals.  A re-crystalization process, involving the addition of ultra-fine honey crystals, creates a wonderfully-consistent honey product having an extremely smooth texture.  Its a "natural honey" made to spread beautifully on warm toast, bagels, or on whatever you like.  Creamed honey can be quite hard and difficult to spread if kept in a cool place.  To soften creamed honey, place container in warm water or store at room temperature.

Oaknook's Pure Liquid Honey  Liquid honey has been heated to melt granulated crystals and is filtered to remove foreign debris like wax particles.  Our liquid honey has been carefully heated to prevent damaging its delicate color and taste and is strained which means that vitamin rich pollen grains remain in the honey.  It is natural for liquid honey to re-crystalize over time.  When this happens, simply place the container in warm water to return the honey to its liquid state again.  Do not boil, as for this can destroy the nutritional elements found in natural pure honey.

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